Edmond Doyle News January 7, 2016

Happy New Year! We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas vacation and a great start to a new year. We were all very glad to see our friends again after our break. Now everyone is back to work and doing a great job! This is a fresh start for tardies and absences-please make every effort to be on time, make appointments after school if possible, and attend school daily. Research shows that children that do these things perform better and are higher achievers. Thanks for making these things happen for your child!

IF your child is not going to be at school-PLEASE call and let us know. Please get doctor's notes and please update any phone numbers or address changes! THANKS!!

Next week we will take our second STAR reading test. Hopefully, every child will show growth in Reading. Whenever you read to your child or make sure that they read-you ensure that they will become better readers. Most importantly, all of us want our children to love reading-a good book is a friend-help your child enjoy reading all types of books. Join them-in our busy world we could all use a break with a good book or magazine.

Our fourth graders have been invited to attend the Martin Luther King, Jr. celebration again this year held at Mt. Triumph Baptist Church. They will be going on Friday, January 15th to the event. Our students are always invited to participate-this is an honor for our school. Our kids are special-we're thankful they get to have this experience. Their lunch will be served to them as well.