Save Food Dollars When You Go Shopping

Learn the best ways to saves the food dollars

1. Upon entering the grocery store, check store flyer for sale items and stock up

2. Buy items by-the-case to save a lot of money. Make sure you have storage space for the food items.

3. Buy family packs of meats, cheese, poultry, and luncheon meats. Divide into servings, freeze, and use as needed.

Good Ways To Choose Bargains

1. Check the clearance section of the grocery store for items such as soap, cereal, and household products. These items may be piled in shopping carts throughout the store. Only buy if you know it is a good deal. Do not buy cans with dents.

2. Shop for meats carefully. Bones and fat on meat cost a lot of money. It is hard to compare prices of meats with bones and extra fat.

3. Ignore the checkout display. This is the store’s last attempt to take your money. Consider checking out magazines at the library. If you ate a snack before shopping, you will be able to resist buying a candy bar

I Guaranteed You Will Save More Money Than You Expect

Use Coupons Carefully

1. If you can save 25 or 50 cents off the price of something you already use, go for it.

2. If you use a coupon to buy an item you do not need and would not have bought otherwise, you will be spending money you could have spent somewhere else.