BPS At-Home Learning Program

Weekly Update

BPS At-Home Learning Start Date

We are so excited to start our At-Home Learning Program. Due to the number of people interested in our At-Home Learning Program, we want to ensure an efficient start for everyone. As a result, we will be delaying the At-Home Learning start date to Monday, August 17th. Families will be receiving Acellus information this week.

iPad pick ups dates and times:

Monday, August 10 1-6

Tuesday, August 11 8-12

Wednesday, August 12 8-6

Pick up at the Support Center, 2820 Arboretum Drive

Acellus Program Login and Schedules

We are excited as we begin the next step of loading students into Acellus. Many parents have already begun to receive notification from Acellus of their accounts being set up. The student login information will come on a secondary email to the student later this week. For students that do not have emails, the information will be sent to parents. The students schedules are being built as quickly as possible within Acellus. Students will have access to all of their classes and will be expected to complete work in each class every day.

Teacher Assignment & Supplies

Teachers will be reaching out with an introductory letter and their daily schedule.

Students will not need extra supplies. However, they will want to have access to pens/pencils and paper.