Hugh Cole News

Week of September 8th

The Hugh Cole News will come out every other Monday to update the staff on the nuts and bolts, weekly news, professional development websites and videos.

Weekly Updates


Faculty Meeting 3:00-3:45

Open House 3-5 6-8pm



Patriot Day! Wear red, white and blue

Book Fair Begins!

Nuts and Bolts


Please add the Hugh Cole 2015-2016 folder to your Google drive! This has all the information you need on dates, PD, assessment and so much more for the year.


Currently we have a school dude work order in to fix the computers in the computer lab. I will update everyone when this is complete.

Supply Order

Please email Linda or write your supply request in her notebook in the office. Supplies will be delivered to classrooms on Tuesday and Thursday by TAs. Linda cannot provide supplies on the spot. Thank you for understanding.

Professional Development

Please submit your conference forms if you haven't done so already. We have many conferences in October and all forms need to be submitted at least 2 weeks in advance.


If a student comes in late after you have submitted attendance PLEASE DO NOT let them into the classroom without a tardy slip. For auditing purposes, now that we have Aspen, we have to be 100 % accurate on attendance. Unfortunately it is sometimes an inconvenience but we need to be accountable. So far every day since we have been in session I have called parents regarding their child’s absence and have been told that they did come in tardy. We need to be sure that all student’s are accurately accounted for.

If you know why a student is abesent, please let Cyndi M know via email

Please complete your attendance between 8:30-8:40. Students that enter the building by 8:25 are "on time". We want to allow 5 minutes for them to order lunch and make it down to the classroom.

Phone List

Please change your voicemail on your phone ASAP. (lift phone, click menu and then follow prompts) If your display does not say your name, please email Linda and she will complete a work order to get it fixed.

American Flag

If you need an american flag, please email Linda.

Upcoming Dates

September 22nd

Tuesday Teacher Tips

September 15th 6-8pm

K-2 Open House

September 11th-17th

Book Fair

September 17th

6:00 – 7:30

Book Fair

6:00 – 7:00

POW Science

November 10th

Parent Teacher Conferences 5-8pm

Videos We Love!