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grand opening promotion!!

To celebrate our first year in business, we are offering an all inclusive trip to London, England!

14-Day London Tour 2016

(14 days and 13 nights)

Starting at $2,875 per person

The package includes:

  • Roundtrip Flights
  • 13 nights in the 4.5 star Chiswick hotel
  • Complimentary breakfast and dinner
  • Tickets to twelve of London's most popular attractions/ museums
  • VIP passes to exclusive hotel parties (18 yrs and older)


Learn about London!

London is one of the most popular tourist places thanks to it's beautiful history, and breathtaking monuments.

  • The Romans founded London in 50 AD, and Its name is derived from the Celtic word Londinios, which means the place of the bold one.hey later decided it was an excellent place to build a port. The water was deep enough for ocean going ships and so, around 50 AD Roman merchants built a town by the bridge. So London was born.
  • London is home to 8.539 million people
  • London is the largest urban area in the UK, and the capital of England and of the United Kingdom
  • The hills in the City of London, from west to east, Ludgate Hill, Corn Hill and Tower Hill, are presumed to have influenced the precise siting of the early city, but they are very minor, and most of central London is almost flat
  • The climate of London is temperate, with modest daily high temperatures during summer and winter lows that fall below freezing. Rainfall is fairly regular, occurring throughout the year.
  • The language is English (British) Common phrases are:

-"Excuse me Lad, can you help me?"- "Excuse me sir, can you help me?"

-"Where is the best place for grub?"- "Where is the best place for food?"

-"I've been nicked!" - "I've been robbed!"

  • London uses GBP Pound Sterling for currency. one pound is equivalent to $1.45 US Dollars

What to do when in London

Eat Up!

Best Restaurants in London!

What your day would be like:

9am- Complimentary breakfast at hotel

9:30am- Begin city tour on Double Decker bus

11am- Free time to shop and explore

1pm- Return to buses and depart towards London eye

1:45pm- Free time to explore and eat lunch

3:30pm- Continue tour of East London

5pm- Arrive at hotel to freshen up for dinner

6pm- Dinner at the Artusi

8pm- Show at the London Theater

11pm- Arrive at hotel and head to exclusive Hotel party (18 years and older)

2am- Head to bed

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