Does texting affect teens literacy

Well i think it does affect teenagers literacy

By: Justice Ecker

How gr8 is txting

The first text message was sent in 1992 by Neil Pap worth wishing Richard Jarvis a Merry Christmas and then ever since texting has taken over the united states and is making kids lose focus on family, friends, work, and even schools and 60% of kids are texting at least 5 hrs straight a day or at least that's what it adds p to be and they are sending over hundreds of messages a week and now contracts have unlimited talk, text and so many of parents are buying the unlimited so they bill wont run up because just with unlimited its like 45$ a month and if it wasn't it would be a dollar a text so just 60 texts would be 60$ dollars so think about how much kids text a week over hundreds of times so then you phone bill would be over hundreds of dollars and i am sure no parent would pay like 300$ a month for there kid so that is why they are buying better plans

Commentary #1

i think that texting is a great thing but yes kids spend way to much time on it even me but if there doing it until its causing them to lose sleep or even making them in pain there parents should know this so when it does happen then they need to have there phone put down for at least 1 hour just enough time for them to relax instead of having they thumbs and fingers hurt because they don't want to put Instagram, Facebook, twitter, you tube, tumblr, on hold but if they don't put there phone down to eat or bath or anything then they will start losing weight because they dont want to eat or they will lose sleep or they will smell because instead of taking a shower at night they will put it off and say they will do it in the morning but there never do so think about how this is really affect kids

Texting taking a toll on teens

Is texting taking a toll on kids and not just kids. from ages (7-12) is when they text but not ever minute and ages (35-55) is texting less then kids but then when we get to the (13-19) ages we freak bills climbing to the roof and they just keep texting kids losing education and jobs and if they are losing education then there not going to go to there dream jobs they will probable work at McDonald and live with there mom and dad

Commentary #2

I know that most kids don't tell there parents how many hours they on there phone or tablet or computer because if there parents knew the kids would get there tablets/phones/computers taken away for awhile and no kid whats that but just besides literacy they could be doing other bad thing like sending inappropriate photos or texts and they could also be getting bullied on social media and there to embarrassed to tell you anything or if they are getting bullied they wont tell yo cause they don't want there parents to get involved but lets go back to how teens are losing literacy there losing it because they will say lol/omg/brb/ttyl/ily and all that so they when they come to school they say that and they shorten thank you to thxs and if they keep doing this shortening stuff they will forget grammar and it will just be a big or deal about like omg lol i had to do that but yeah so parents please have a talk with your children about how they speech and how they are acting and ask them to be honest with you and share stuff like information about bulling to you cause you can help them

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