Can you do it?

JaEllisa Patterson

2 circles and 4 triangles

There are 2 circles and 6 triangles. Move the circles and triangles so that each circle has 4 triangles in them.
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Student Errors

Students typically start working before attempting to figure out what the problem is really asking them to do. For the problem above many students may just start to put the triangles in the circles with out taking into account that there won't be enough triangles to put 4 in each circle. Students may also try to manipulate the triangles so the will have enough triangles but there is no possible way t manipulate them to make 8.

Teacher Prompts

To generate discussion with this math problem I would use questions such as

1. How did yo decide what to do?

2. Did you get it right the first time you tried? What made you realize how to get to the correct solution?

3. If two children took the same route to getting the answer have both of them share.

4. Ask the class if they see how the two people came up with their solution.

5. Have a student retell how a peer solved the problem.