Support for breast cancer

By Ivan Carrillo

What do you know about breast cancer

Cancer is devastating and happens to a lot of innocent people. It kills family members and friends. There are certain types of cancer that can cause a certain effect on the body. Breast cancer kills 18.2% men and women worldwide. 232,340 female breast cancers and 2,240 male breast cancers are reported each year and 39,620 people die from this disease in the USA. We can fight this disease together as a nation. You can help out by just going to this website ( ) and getting involved as soon as possible. You can help save thousands of lives. This is important because this can happen to anybody. Moms,dads,friends, brothers, sisters, and way much more. They usually happen to people 50+ in years so your realities are at high risk. You can save lives and get reconized for your support. Save lives today.

Actual quotes from breast cancer patients

Have your own experience and trust your intuition. A million people will tell you what you should and shouldn't be doing, but you know yourself and your body best — do what you think is right." — Christina Steinorth-Powell, 10-year breast cancer survivor

"While you may not have chosen to have breast cancer, you can choose how you want to be treated and how you will treat yourself moving forward. This is your wake-up call to take better care of yourself through diet, exercise, stress management and a better attitude and effort toward a healthier lifestyle." — Melanie Young, five-year breast cancer survivor

Don't let breast cancer take away the motivation to achieve your dreams." — Diana Cohen, breast cancer survivor