Pennsylvania State University

By: Kylie Chaney

College Name:

Pennsylvania State University (Penn State)

"This is Penn State"

Macot and School Colors

Mascot: Nittany Lion

Colors: White, Royal blue

School Type:



40,541 students

Campus and Student Life

Housing options are available, clubs and organizations are about finding what matters to you, who you want to be, and how you want to live your life, and Penn State recognizes that on-campus safety is a concern for all students and their families.


University Park, PA



$16,572.00 (per academic year for freshman and sophomores)

Facts about college

  • Of the 2,350,000 college students enrolling per year, only 1,750,000 will graduate.
  • 86.9 percent of freshmen expected to complete their degrees in four years or fewer
  • The average college student’s debt is $23,700; the average student loan payment is $432 per month
  • The average college student attends 62 parties a year
  • In one year, 1,250,000 students transferred to another school; 1,125,000 dropped out

Majors or Degrees i'm interested in:

Training and Development, and Animal Science