Let's Flip Our Classroom

21st Century Approach to Learning

Dear Parents and Guardian,

School has changed a lot since we were young, but so has the learners and the environment that surrounds them. As a teacher, I am always looking for ways to optimize student learning. Lately, I have been doing a lot of research on a concept called a 'Flipped Classroom'. I basic idea behind this concept is that the lesson is videotaped and posted for student to watch at home or where ever they have access to the internet. This frees up more time in the classroom for us to work together in a more collaborative and meaning full way. I have created this online poster to give you more insight into this concept. Watch the video below that helped inspire me to 'Flip' our classroom.

Teaching for Tomorrow: Flipped Learning
Have you ever asked yourself, how am I supposed to help with homework when I have not learned it in decades? It is a fair question and one that many parents struggle with. As well, the reality is that most parents/guardians struggle to find quality time to spend with their children. The 'Flipped Classroom' help with both these issues. The lessons are taught at home by the teacher and the work in completed in the classroom where they have the support they need. Click the links below to watch testimonials of students who have experience a Flipped Classroom.
Flipped Classroom: Student Interviews
Flipped Classroom- Tracey Gillies
As you can see, students love learning this way. By giving students access to the lessons at home or where ever they are, they can learn at their own pace. One of the potential issues with the 'Flipped Classroom' is accommodating for students who do not have access to a portable devices, computers or internet at home. Here are some accommodations that we are going to put in place to ensure that all of our students can access these lessons.

  • Time will be alloted at breaks and before and after school to watch lessons
  • Local libraries will be contacted and computers will be booked to support these learners
  • Lessons can be transferred to DVD or other formats
  • We will work on finding affordable computers or devices that families may purchase

Addition Resources to Support Learning at Home

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