Biology IA

April 2013 Newsletter

Students and parents, this will be our final newsletter, but we still have much work to do to finish out the semester strong! Please scroll through the entire newsletter for information about final exams, final grades and other helpful news/links.

Upcoming Important Dates

*Last* Benchmark/Assignment Due Date:
May 3rd

Last Day to Submit Assignments for the Course:
May 7th

Final Exams:
May 8 and 9

Course Ends/Last Day to Access Course:
May 10

Important: Final Exam Information

Final Exams MUST be taken on May 8th or May 9th.*

  • The final exam opens at 12:01 am on May 8th and closes at 11:59 pm on May 9th.
  • If you are in the middle of the exam when it closes (at 11:59 May 9th), you will not be able to finish the final.
  • The course will not be accessible after May 10th.
  • Final grades will be calculated the week following the final exams and the final grade will be available in the registration system at that time.

What is the Final Like? How do I take the final?
  • The final exam is a multiple choice test on all of the modules covered within this course. The final exam has 60 multiple choice questions and counts as 20% of the course grade.
  • You will take the final exam in the same way you have taken all the tests and quizzes within this course. Go to Assessments -> Quizzes. Scroll down to the final exam and begin.
  • You have 90 minutes to take the exam. Set aside enough time to take the exam in one sitting. Use a reliable computer with a trusty connection. No excuses.
  • Remember, once you start the test ... so does the timer. There are no re-takes.

Technical issues should be reported by phone to your instructor immediately.

How Do I Survive Finals Week and Finish Strong?

Click on the helpful link below to find out!

How Do I Prepare/Study for the Final Exam?

  1. Review all the feedback for incorrect answers on your quizzes and tests. Tutorial links below. Focus your studying on your weakest areas first.
  2. Take the Benchmark Tests on USA TestPrep for practice. Tutorial links below. Your teacher will re-post all the Benchmark Test Codes for you in the course.
  3. Attend the Final Exam review Chat on May 6th at 4:30pm. If you have a weak topic in the course, you could re-watch that chat recording as extra review.
  4. View the helpful materials on module pinboards. (See the user links pod) Flash cards, quizzes and other fun review resources abound!
  5. Study the way that works best for you: re-writing, drawing a picture, flash cards (try, making a concept map with vocabulary, quizzing yourself, talking it out or explaining it to your dog - whatever works. Staring at the computer screen is *not* studying.
  6. Ask your teacher questions... I LOVE questions!

Parents: Do You Have A Parent Auditor Account? Has Your Email Address Changed?

Parent Auditor Accounts allow parents to view student progress and grades within a course. If you need to create an account with us, link it to your student, or want to know more about how to use it, click on the helpful links below:

How do I create a Parent Auditor Account?

How do I link my Parent Auditor Account to my student?

How do I use my Parent Auditor Account to monitor grades and student progress?

Parent Account/Email Address
The following should clarify GaVS policy on Parent Auditor accounts:
  1. If there is a change of address, the parent needs to edit that in the parent auditor account themselves.
  2. If the parent wants to add an additional address (such as a second parent) the parent will need to create an additional parent auditor account.

Let's make a final push for the end of the semester ... and earn that well-deserved summer vacation!