By Brandon Johnson

Add & Subtract Fractions

How to Add & Subtract Fractions:

Step 1: Find a common denominator. What ever you do to the denominator you have to do to the numerator too.

Step 2: Add or subtract normally but don't add or subtract denominator.

Step 3: Simplify as much as possible.

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Multiplying Fractions

How to Multiply Fractions

Step 1: Multiply across.

Step 2: Simplify fractions to lowest possible numbers. To do this, see if the numerator and the denominator can be divided by the same number. If so, divide. Do this again and again until you can't.


Step 1: Simplify diagonally. To do this,

Step 2. Multiply across.

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Dividing Fractions

How to divide fractions:

Step 1: Get the second fraction's reciprocal, by flipping it.

Step 2: Multiply normally then simplify. Or cross simplify before multiplying.

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Multiplying Decimals

How to Multiply Decimals:

Step 1: Multiply the decimals like normal numbers.

Step 2: Count the number of spaces to the decimal in each number you multiplied.

Step 3: Add those and count that many over in your product. That is your answer!

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Dividing Decimals

How to Divide Decimals:

Step 1: Make it a whole number by moving the divisor's decimal to the right until it's whole. Like fractions, whatever you do to the divisor, you have to do to the dividend.

Step 2: Divide normally. Remember ring the decimal straight up.

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