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The Carver Chronicles is a newsletter designed to share and celebrate all of the great learning activities, extra-curricular events and awesome accomplishments that happen every day at Carver Middle High School!

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5 Things you may not know about...Mrs. Perkins

  1. She has had her motorcycle license since 1995
  2. She once worked undercover and had to learn how to grade diamonds for jewelry to do it
  3. Her first teaching job was as a ski instructor for inner city kids
  4. She is left-handed
  5. She once shaved her head to raise money for families dealing with cancer

High School Student Spotlight: Mikey Sawicki

    • Name: Mikey Sawicki

    • Grade: 11

    • Favorite class: Pre-Calculus

    • Favorite food: French fries

    • Favorite athlete: Robert Lewandowski

    • Favorite sports team: Odra Opole (Polish club soccer team that his dad played on!)

    • Favorite TV show: The Office

    • Hobbies: Soccer

    • Accomplishments: 3 x South Shore League All-Star (Soccer), Eastern MA All-Star, All-State Team Player, Player of the Year for SSL 2019. Currently high honr roll status academically.

    • Interesting facts: Mikey is fluent in Polish

Middle School Student Spotlight - Teo Ozemet

  • Name: Teo Ozemet

  • Grade: 6

  • Favorite class: Gym

  • Favorite food: Chicken Wings

  • Favorite athlete: Fletcher Cox

  • Favorite sports team: Philadelphia Eagles

  • Favorite movie: Jumanji

  • Favorite TV show: The Simpsons

  • Pets: Cat named Cengis

  • Hobbies: Cooking and sports

  • Accomplishments: Teo achieved high honors

  • Interesting facts: Teo was born in Turkey


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Juniors and Seniors can earn two community service hours by attending the "If They Had Known" Presentation at the Carver Public Library on March 19.

See the flyer below for details.

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Last week in Mr. W.'s 8th grade science classes, students had the opportunity to handle and study fossils ranging from 40 million to 500 million years old. This week, Kaylee Nunes-Schaller, her father, and her brother Joshua brought in Josh's pet ball python Rex to show Periods 3 and 4 the bone spurs at the base of the tail. These spurs are vestigial (leftover) hind legs, evidence that snakes' ancestors looked similar to lizards. Thank you Andrew and Joshua for taking the time to bring Rex into our classes, and Kaylee for helping to set this up!

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Last week, students in Mr. W.'s Honors Biology classes mashed up strawberries and extracted their DNA. Their next major lab will be determining their blood types. Hopefully it's not as messy as this one was!

During the Professional Development Day on Tuesday teachers supported Morgan Campbell, TJ Booth and Nick Rogers as they prepared to compete in the management component of the Mass ProStart Invitational. As part of the competition the students will be presenting their restaurant concept. Teachers watched their presentation and critiqued their performance. We wish them the best of luck next Tuesday! More info next week!

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Students and staff throughout the building pledged to "Spread Inclusion"

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Shout out to Mrs. Townsend and the Special Education Department for "Spreading the word about Inclusion"

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Markram’s study last period on a Friday is now an anime club.

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CMHS Police and Fire Interns

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Mr. Lyman's 9th Grade Physics students had an electrifying time learning about electricity using our Van De Graaff machine.

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Students in Mrs. Madeiros' classroom presented their projects to support a cause!

Students in Mr. Ewell's Video Production class and Mr. Martin belt out some tunes in Carpool Karaoke!

Video to follow?!?

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Mrs. Cabral covering some band classes this week.

Grade 6 performing Supercalifragilistic.

Mrs. Cabral Band Practice

Mrs. Carter's Math Classes hard at work measuring with protractors.

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Mrs. Madeiros' English classes pitching their Charity Projects to classmates.

Mrs. Cornock's Chemistry classes making ice cream as part of the Colloid Lab.

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If They Had Known-Screening @ Town Library (Thurs 3/19, 6:30-8:00)
•“A kids to kids about the risks culture”
•Earn 2 hrs.

Sole Hope-jeans donations (Thru March 27)
•Donate jeans to be turned into shoes for Ugandans suffering from parasites
•Submit to your history teacher
•1 hr/pair of jeans. 3 hr. Max


LCB after their 52-33 semifinal win. On to D4 South Sectional finals Saturday, 10am, Taunton HS! Good luck girls!

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Congratulations to Zach Fisher who placed 5th at the New England Track and Field Championships in the 300 meters and posted a National Qualifying Time of 35.32.

Zach will compete at the New Balance Nationals on March 13th, in New York City.

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Attention Seniors!

The Carver High School Scholarship Packet is now available to pick up in the guidance office and is also posted in Naviance. The hard copy of the scholarship packet must be turned in to guidance by March 27th. Under no circumstances will late applications be accepted.

The Athletic Boosters Scholarship Packet is also available to pick up in guidance. Any student who has played a sport during their 4 years in high school is eligible to fill out the scholarship. This scholarship is due on March 30th.

As always, keep checking Naviance for other scholarships that are available! We also have a binder full of these scholarships in the guidance office.

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