KW and Mrs. Cox: Take 2

Here we go!

I hope you had a really good summer and that you are rested and ready to start a new year AND a new building! I know I am ready!

Yeokum Middle School

Thursday, Aug. 14th, 6pm

1243 Happy Lane, KW, MO 64110

Feel free to bring your mom and dad! You will meet your teachers and see all of your friends. Snacks will be provided

Getting to know your new building and teachers

6:00 Snacks will be available in the cafeteria

6:30 Your group will meet in the commons area and your "group" of teachers will talk to you all

7:00 You may walk around the school to find your classroom and locate other important stops

We are going to have an awesome year!

I can't wait to work with you again and to experience a new building and year with you!