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Week of March 20, 2017


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National Common Courtesy Day - Tuesday, March 21

The Empty Coffee Pot in the teacher lounge …. leaving a mess near the copier or leaving a paper jam for someone else to fix? Common Courtesy day is your opportunity to refocus on your own common courtesy, as well as encouraging them in others.

Such is the reason that Common Courtesy Day came into existence.

How to Celebrate Common Courtesy Day

It’s quite simple really, whatever your concept of common courtesy is, use Common Courtesy Day to embody it. Take extra pains to be aware of how you treat those around you, and even those who may come long after you’ve departed. After all, it’s unlikely that the next person to use the restroom is going to be standing next to you at the moment that the toilet paper runs out. The person who’s running a little late may not have time to brew a new pot of coffee in the teacher lounge, and that little bit of comfort may be the thing that makes a bad day a good one. Common Courtesy Day is your opportunity to start being the change in the world you wish to see.

Common courtesy can be as simple as saying “please” and “thank you” when asking for and receiving a service, gift or assistance. Kindness and courtesy do go a long way and are noticed by others even if you do not realize it. Letting someone in front of you in traffic is easy. Hold open a door for someone or give a person a hand with his groceries. Give up your seat on the bus to someone who might need it. Introduce yourself to the new employee or kid at school and take the time to introduce her to the rest of the crew.

These are just a few examples of small things that make a difference to someone else. They are momentary deeds of being courteous.

If common courtesy is not a part of your daily routine, then this is the day to start implementing courtesy into your life. Try it; not only will the other person appreciate it, but you will feel good about it also.

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Challenge of the Week .....

This week's challenge is simple. Use teachable moments to model, encourage and recognize the students at IAT who are being courteous to their friends, classmates, staff and teachers.

Remember, we are role models for our students and they are watching us to see how to be courteous.

Exemplifying courtesy = courteous students!

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