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Feng Shui

The ancient Chinese art and craft of using the powers of Heaven and Earth to affect our daily life is known as Feng Shui. Loosely translated, the term refers to wind (feng) and water (shui) which are the vehicles through which the life force or Chi moves.

The principles of feng shui have been used for nearly 3000 years in China to orient buildings and man-made structures, so that the energies are balanced, providing good health, fortune and peace to those who inhabit them. With the correct balance of wind and water, the positive qualities can be harnessed, while an incorrect balance or bad feng shui can result in the opposite effect.

The tradition has deep roots in astronomy, cosmography, architecture, color theory, knowledge of wind and water patterns, climate, numerology, geology and magnetism among other things. However, as with all traditional knowledge systems, feng shui has picked up bits and pieces from superstition, magic and other less verifiable systems and is currently one of the most popular folk-arts in the world.

Over the years, feng shui has developed its own repertoire of instruments, theories, artifacts and techniques. In fact, the magnetic compass was first invented in ancient China to find the magnetic north for correct orientation of a building. The concept of polarity (Yin and Yang) also has its origins in feng shui, as is the theory of the Five Elements (earth, water, fire, metal and wood). These concepts also need to be correctly balanced in feng shui to either make or break your life.

Apart from these basic theories, there are literally hundreds of schools of thoughts that come under the feng shui umbrella. These include the use of various artifacts like aquariums, crystals, fountains, certain plants, colors, elements, compasses, clocks, pictures of different animals, use of fabrics and materials, the use of form and contour of the land and orienting a building in relation to direction, analyzing the flow of water and wind, use of the Ba-gua or energy map, and a host of other theories.

Feng shui in contemporary times is being used all over the world to promote peace, health, good fortune and prosperity in homes, offices, schools, hospitals and other public and private buildings. Inside the home, the correct feng shui balance can be given to bedrooms, living-rooms, kitchens, baths, study and gardens to channelize the chi energy correctly. Use of colors, fabrics, mirrors, pictures and artifacts is recommended by feng shui masters.

Currently, feng shui is being used in every aspect of life: to find love, wealth, happiness, to cure illnesses both physical and psychological, addictions, chronic conditions, improve health and well-being, promote friendship and even in weight loss! Many architects and landscape artists use feng shui theories, while research is being done on its environmental and psychological basis.

There has been criticism from rationalists, religious groups, scientists and traditional architects and medical professionals about the theory and practice of feng shui, however, it is largely a matter of individual choice.

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Interior Designer Long Beach

As California's seventh-largest city, Long Beach is a bustling port-city, businesses in aerospace, information technology, manufacturing, oil-exploration and processing, health-care, soft furnishings, high end retail and audio-visual equipment. Its proximity to Los Angeles, Hollywood and other entertainment hubs makes it a high-profile location for celebrities. Long Beach is also an important sports, art, culture, music and educational center.

With so many public and private buildings in the city, interior design is a crucial element. Freelance designers who work on a per project basis or large conglomerates which employ thousands of talented designers find it very lucrative if they have the right talent, credentials, education, experience and design fundamentals.

Interior design can be either for commercial or residential buildings. Most design firms employ a combination of specialists in both fields, but there are specialty design houses which specialize in either of these. Further, some designers specialize in working on apartments or condos while others are more comfortable with larger spaces. Many designers work on renovating, refurbishing and re-decorating older buildings. Their services generally include: color and redesign consultation, space and floor planning and management, special area remodeling like kitchen, bath, living-rooms or bedrooms, accessorizing, furnishing, providing the soft furnishing like curtains, blinds, carpets, sheets, etc., painting and papering, lighting, window and portal treatments and also completely new designs and custom projects.

Some Long Beach interior design consultants specialize in certain aspects of design – for instance, some may work only on window design, window-blinds, soft furnishings or accessories. Others may do theme-based work like antique or classic designing, contemporary chic, funky, age-related, design for people with disabilities or special needs, seniors, kids rooms, etc.

Many interior designers in Long Beach also have their own walk-in stores where they stock exclusive fabrics, artifacts, furniture and products that have been designed in-house. These are great places to shop for art and design books, home accessories, furniture, gifts, artworks by local artists and one-of-a-kind objets d'art for your home or office. Some of these retail spaces are housed in distinctive spaces like heritage bungalows in Long Beach's historic Bluff Heights area. Apart from their own designs, some designers offer high-end work by new designers and contemporaries. Most of them also offer products on-line, free tips and advice.

Undertaking bespoke work and customized solutions to your interior design requirements is another feature of interior design professionals. Usually, the designer has a few intense consults with the client and then reverts with several design options which balance form and function and yet look exclusive and comfortable. Working with the client, they finalize the plan and give an estimate of both the financial and time aspect of work. Once the payment schedules have been fixed, work begins.

Interior designers in Long Beach also take into account the history and geography of the place, the neighborhoods and local customs, availability of local materials and labor besides their own sense of aesthetics and creativity.

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