Summer Reading Program

Thank You and Prize Winner List

Thank you to everyone who helped make this summer reading program spectacular!

Special thanks to:

Exelon Corporation

The Friends of River Valley Library

Jimmie Lee's Bar & Grill

Slant // Studio

Black Hawk Hiking Club

Port Byron Historical Society

Alyssa Widick

Kym Thompson

Dr. Steve Shauer

Rock Island County Forest Preserve District

Rock Island Arsenal Museum - Mark Struve and Kevin Braafladt

Figge Art Museum & Kelsey Vandercoy

Historic Voices & Laura F. Keyes

Dana Starkell

Mr. Steve

Thanks to our special helpers:

Kathy Bracke

Lisa Brathall

Taylor Hurry

Val Pennock

Axel Pennock

Ambrose Pennock

Lauren Tiesman

Shannon Crisp

Maddison Crisp

Lyla Crisp

Christopher Crisp

Ariana Crisp

Danika Saddoris

and of course,

all of our summer reading participants!

Children's Prize Winners

Lucia B.-Gift Card

Natalie B.-Gift Card

Nicole B. -Gift Card

Norah B.-Gift Card

Quinn B.-Gift Card

Connor B.-Gift Card

Tinley B.-Gift Card

Avery C.-Gift Card & Letter Board

Cameron C.-Gift Card & Tiger Stool

Liam C.-Gift Card

Ariana C.-Gift Card

Hayden D.-Gift Card

Wesley D.-Gift Card

Julius D.-Gift Card & Glider & Baseball Set

Sylvie D.-Gift Card & Pink Mermaid

Harper D.-Gift Card & Purple Tea Set

Miles D.-Gift Card & Rocket

Cami D.-Gift Card & Squishy

Eli D.-Gift Card

Hannah D.-Gift Card

Paisley E.-Gift Card & Figure

Elsie E.-Gift Card

Kenneth E.-Gift Card & Robot

Audri E. -Gift Card & Kindle Fire

Lincoln F.-Gift Card

Shiloh F.-Gift Card

Alivia H.-Gift Card

Brooklyn H.-Gift Card

Deacon H.-Gift Card

Helen H.-Gift Card & Terrarium

Marcella H.-Gift Card

Johanna H.-Gift Card & Paint Set

Heidi H.-Gift Card & Beach Toys

Macee H.-Gift Card

Adalynn H.-Gift Card & Butterfly Stool

Bennett H.-Gift Card

Hayden H.-Gift Card

Robbie H.-Gift Card

Mitchel H.-Gift Card & Slime

Sydney H.-Gift Card & Blue Mermaid

Logan H.-Gift Card

Eli H.-Gift Card

Riley H.-Gift Card

Skylar H.-Gift Card & Rocket

Colton J.-Gift Card

Ameilia J.-Gift Card

Clara J.-Gift Card

Emmett J.-Gift Card

Maggie L.-Gift Card

Jacob M. -Gift Card & Foam Dart Set

Kate M.-Gift Card

Charlotte M.-Gift Card & Activity Board

Riley M.-Gift Card

Alexandra M.-Gift Card

Caitlin M.-Gift Card

Kai O.-Gift Card & Loom

Katelyn O.-Gift Card & Squishy & Bath Bombs

Brenden O.-Gift Card

Carter O.-Gift Card

Charlotte P.-Gift Card

James P.-Gift Card & Watergun

Alice P. -Gift Card

Miles P.-Gift Card

Logan P.-Gift Card & Galaxy Rocks

Paxton R.-Gift Card

Maddie R.-Gift Card

Mason R.-Gift Card

Ben R.-Gift Card

Jacob R.-Gift Card & Sand Toy

Josh R.-Gift Card & Water Frisbee

Micah R.-Gift Card & Sand Toy

Samuel R.-Gift Card & Soccer Stool

Stacey R.-Gift Card & Gardening Toys

Wesley R.-Gift Card & Robot

Paxton R.-Gift Card

Bradley R.-Gift Card & Foam Dart Set

Elly S.-Gift Card

Lucy S.-Gift Card

Owen S.-Gift Card

Alice S.-Gift Card

Grace S.-Gift Card

Henry S.-Gift Card

Harper S.-Gift Card

Adi S.-Gift Card

Madalyn S.-Gift Card & Galaxy Purse

Stella S.-Gift Card

Kiefer S.-Gift Card

Abigail S.-Gift Card & Squishy

Lillian S.-Gift Card

Scarlett S.-Gift Card

Tristen S.-Gift Card

Autumn T.-Gift Card & Bouncy Ball

Lauren T.-Gift Card

Konrad T.-Gift Card & Space Puzzle

Lexxie T.-Gift Card

Keeley V.-Gift Card

Kylah V.-Gift Card & Squishy

Kyrie V.-Gift Card & Smoosh

Aaron W.-Gift Card & Pig Stool

Bella W.-Gift Card

Joel W.-Gift Card

Charliee W.-Gift Card & Stamps

Gabriel W.-Gift Card & Truck

Cayson Z.-Gift Card & Foam Dart Set

Easton Z.-Gift Card & Foam Dart Set

Teen Prize Winners

Connor H.-Gift Card

Daniel H.-Gift Card

Jamie H.-Gift Card

Marissa H.-Gift Card

Natalie H.-Gift Card

Braden J.-Gift Card

Michael K.-Kindle Fire

Hannah M.-Gift Card & #6 Slime & Squish Set

Nolan P.-Gift Card & #1 Survival Basket

Axel P.-Gift Card & #10 Echo Dot

Ambrose P.-Gift Card

Alida P.-Gift Card

Gabe S.-Gift Card

Robert S.-Gift Card

Frankie S.-Gift Card

Addison T.-Gift Card & #5 Car Basket

Keagan V.-Gift Card

Andrew W.-Gift Card

Alex W.-Gift Card

Linnea W.-Gift Card

Junie Z.-Gift Card

Adult Prize Winners

Christina A.-Gift Card

Debbie B.-Gift Card

Brianne B.-Gift Card & Art by Slant//Studio

Benjamin B.-Gift Card

Shannen B.-Gift Card & #3 Tech Basket

Brian B.-Gift Card & #12 Art Basket

Shelley B.-Gift Card

Kathy B.-Gift Card & #11 Art Kit

Barb B.-Gift Card & #14 Camping Basket

Lisa B.-Gift Card

Ron B.-Gift Card

Kristen B.-Gift Card

Shannon C.-Gift Card & #13 Beach Basket

Norine D.-Gift Card

Kelly D.-Gift Card

Jennifer H.-Gift Card & #8 Spa Basket

Erich H.-Gift Card

Annette H.-Gift Card & #2 Relax Basket

Samantha H.-Gift Card

Hannah H.-Gift Card

Heidi I.-Gift Card & Buddha Board

Wendy K.-Gift Card

Bridget M.-Gift Card & #17 Night Out Basket

Jeannie M.-Gift Card

Martin M.-Gift Card

Val P.-Gift Card

Lisa P.-Gift Card

Diane R.-Gift Card & #17 Night Out Basket

Malora R.-Gift Card

Sherry R.-Gift Card & #11 Art Kit

Bill R.-Gift Card

Shelby R.-Gift Card & #15 Gardening Basket

Emily R.-Gift Card

Marilee R.-Gift Card

Holly S.-Gift Card

Abby S.-Gift Card

Sue S.-Gift Card

Marian S.-Gift Card

Heidi S.- Kindle Fire

Beth T.-Gift Card

Mary W.-Gift Card

Jessie W.-Gift Card

Jon W.-Gift Card

Jessica W.-Gift Card

Marybeth W.-Gift Card & #7 Space Set

Marcia W.-Gift Card & #4 Journal Basket