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October 2016

We're off to a great start this year at KMB! We would like to thank all of our administrators, teachers, and staff for your dedication to our students and each other. We have seen some amazing things happening on campus and we'd like to share those things with you. Each month, we will send out KMB News to highlight the awesome things going on at KMB.

---Paula & Tammy

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Did you hear about the science lab?

Mr. Cope is having engaging, hands on lessons- and our students are LOVING it! Great job, Mr. Cope!
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No power? No problem!

Mrs. Slawson's class learned about refraction when the lights went out.
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Observe Me

Do you want to share your talents with other teachers or would you like some feedback on your teaching? Then sign up for Observe Me and put your sign outside your door to invite others in. We're looking forward to this adventure of learning and growing!

How do I have productive classroom talk?

Try using the strategy: Think, Pair, Share. This short video gives a great example on how to use it effectively.
Using Think, Pair, Share—Primary

Why we do what we do...

Every kid needs a champion | Rita Pierson