RCSS Library eBulletin

June 2017

Study Tips Backed by Science

Here are some study tips from Eduduemic to share with students:

  • Get Your Blood Flowing
  • Take Your Time
  • Keep Moving
  • Teach Someone Else
  • Change It Up
  • Take a Tech Break
  • Get Good Rest
  • Test Your Knowledge

Read the full article at http://www.edudemic.com/study-tips-backed-science/

Year End

Please make note of the following important dates:

June 9- Student & Teacher Library Books Due

June 16- Library Closes for Exams and Text Collection

June 19- 26- Text Book Collection Before Exams- Teacher Volunteers Needed

June 26- Teacher Resources due back for Inventory

  • Compare class numbers with text numbers to determine if you will need to order more text books, workbooks, or new texts for 2017/2018. Fill out a Purchase Requisition and get it approved by your department head and Mr. Paul before putting in the order to me.
  • I will visit Homeroom Classes to distribute Text and Library Notices the week of June 5 and remind students that text books must be returned prior to the corresponding exam in order to receive an exam entrance slip.
  • Any classes that have texts but no exams or write in-class/AP exams, either collect texts in class, encourage students to return them to the library before exams, or let students know these texts will be due before their English Exam.

Summer Reading

Teachers can sign out Teacher Resources and LIbrary books over the summer once inventory is complete.

English teachers, encourage your students to keep reading for pleasure by joining the Summer Reading Club at their local public library. Posters with details will be displayed.

Video Encyclopedia

Check123 is a website that aims to help teachers and students find educational videos. The "123" aspect of the name Check123 refers to the length of the videos on the site. All of the videos are either one, two, or three minutes long. You can refine your search results according to length of video, subject, and topic. Check123 lets you search by keyword or you can browse the subject categories.