Social Updates

Mentorship Class of 2014

Congrats You've Completed 7 Days of Blogging

Brief Analysis

So in a brief analysis next time we might:

1. Set a cut off time to post. OR

2. REQUIRE: minimum WordPress Skills to participate.

3. OUTLINE: in the rules/directions posting instructions (I too, have to tweak posts, lol)


1. Don't worry about daily completion. Focus on engaging.

2. Balance yourself.

3. Set times for yourself to do nothing "other than" "read and comment."

(Even if you see a pending notification)

4. Wordpress has the DATE OPTION: Which means you can always publish "catch up/late posts" using the correct dates. If someone misses a day, it's all good, that's life- we don't make every event or show up for every opportunity. We need super powers to do that, lol

5. Encourage bloggers to pick up on the current day so that you don't go bat crazy reading several different types of posts.

6. Another cool thing to do, is to find cool ways to give eye candy to first time visitors. Make them want to know more about you.


8. I'm loving the challenge no pun intended, but if you haven't soul searched yourself - you haven't challenged yourself to be social.

Enjoy your weekend a do it BIG!