Why Did You Shoot?

Was shooting the only answer?

Background Information

In the article it says that Michael Brown an 18 year old black man was unarmed and shot by a police officer. However the police officer never was placed on trial for shooting and murdering the man. The office claims that he shot Brown after the young man tried to grab his gun. Many people think that his actions were motivated by racism but the court also cleared the officer of any civil rights charges - "it said that his actions, were not motivated by racism". My question about this is "Why did the officer have to use a gun that could kill the man, don't officers have other weapons that aren't deadly and would just stop the man from attacking the officer? Overall I don't think that the officer should of shot, because the man was unarmed.

Here is a message I would put on a sign for the police officers -

Don't shoot people in general, it doesn't matter if they are african american or white, Chinese or Japanese, a women or a man. Just in general unless your life is at risk don't shoot people. I understand that the officer may of felt threatened but Michael Brown was unarmed. I think that the officer could of used an un deadly weapon that would just stop the man from attacking him, that doesn't end up killing him.