Cobra Strike

From the Desk of the Junior/Senior High School Principal

"For the Quest is achieved, and now all is over. I am glad you are here with me. Here at the end of all things,..." Frodo to Samwise, Return of the King. J.R.R. Tolkien

Jiminy Crickets this semester feels like its went by in one night. There was so much amazing things that transpired over the course of the past semester. There is so much that has transpired, there is no way to recap: It was Mr. Andrews fiftieth first day of school in a row, I tried to run with the CC team and Lucas had to save me, the fall pep rally lead by Mr. Alley and Brandi was awesome, Kryndon and Kyson started the Cobra Channel, Mr. Lierz and the Ag mechanic class made new sidewalks, we names Mr. Henry teacher of the year, we had a powder puff game, there was a camel (Thanks Mr. Baldridge), a bonfire, Mr. Plattner wore a powder wig with his history classes, Mr. Childs wore his Jersey from high school and made a point of making everyones days better for it, we crowned Rebekah and Julian royalty, we beat up some cars, Jennifer Buck became my hero at the Sabetha CC meet, we introduced first Friday and Mr. Keehn started a hunter safety program while Mr. Folger gave them a quiet place, there was an incredible substate finals game lead by Coaches Visocsky and Sides against JCN, Mrs. McKenzie lead her FCCLA students to a couple of awesome events (Diabetes 5K and the Haunted Trail), Mrs. McCoy and the paras went all out on their minion door decorations, Spanish class celebrated Dia de los Muertos with Mrs. Valiente, FBLA lead by Mr. Shupe went on a trick or treating can drive, we had a career fair/adulting day lead by Mrs. Alley, Mr. Moore sponsored our first ever Middle School Turkey Dance, Cheerleaders went to the KSHSAA spirit competition, Mr. Howard and I served Thanksgiving lunch under the watchful eye of our amazing kitchen staff, Mrs. Morris and her art students re-envisioned our gym, we had a staff V seniors volleyball game and got to witness Mr. McAfee's incredible skills, Coach Massey is looking sharp for the basketball games (who are currently undefeated FYI), and I kissed a pig...just to name a few.

That was just the stuff off the top of my head. There was so much more to talk about. Lets get into students. There has been amazing things happening with students at this school lately.

Keep on making a difference.

Derek E. Smith

JR/SR High Events This Week: Dec 19-20


High School Concert 7:00 pm




Last Day of the Semester



Derek Smith

While many people say Christmas is their favorite holiday, I can say it is on the top five list for me. I enjoy any event that involves being with my family and giving to others. This particular Christmas I am getting an amazing gift, the Italian Daughter Erica will be coming here for the holiday and that fills me up with those warm fuzzy feelings. While she is not my actual daughter, her year with us made her the closest thing to a daughter I will ever have. She is the best big sister to my sons and even makes a point of staying in touch with her American Grandparents. Having my whole family in one place is all I need for Christmas.

I hope you all have an amazing holiday of your choosing, be it Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Festivus or just enjoying the time off with your family. Whatever it is you choose to do this break, please make it amazing and I will see you in the New Year. Go make a difference.

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