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Interviewer 1: Hello Nebi, my colleague and I are pleased that you were able to attend our interview. Let's start with a simple question: At first, how did you react to the arrival of the Europeans?

Nebi: I was quite shocked and confused in the beginning. I had no idea who these people were. None of my tribe's elders had ever told a story about "The White Ones" and I really didn't know why they were suddenly arriving. But I was taught by my elders to always accept members foreign of tribes as if they were my own people.

Interviewer 2: Did your impression of them change as time went on?

Nebi: Yes. I was okay with them at first, but then they began claiming land as theirs and killing some of my people off who protested. As you can imagine, I am not very happy about that.

Interviewer 1: Would you ever consider rebelling against Columbus' forces?

Nebi: Of course I would like to, what they are doing is wrong, but I don't think I myself would have the courage to rebel against Columbus. The White Ones are just too powerful and determined. I fear for my people's future.

Interviewer 2: Do you think your life would be different if the Europeans never discovered your lands?

Nebi: Yes, I do believe that things would be different. Many of my people are dying from the Europeans. But I am not one of the gods. I cannot exactly tell if things would different or not.

Interviewer 1: Are there other natives that disagree with you?

Nebi: I do not believe that many of my people would disagree with me, but i do know that some try to remain hopeful that the Europeans will leave soon.

Interviewer 2: Do you believe that future generations will be affected by this current situation?

Nebi: Sadly, I do believe that future generations will be affected by what is going on now, and not in a good way. Of course I am not exactly sure, but I can't imagine any good outcomes of what is currently happening to my people.

Interviewer 1: Thank you for being here, Nebi.

Nebi: It was an honor to be interviewed. Thank you.


Vasco de Gama, Ferdinand Magellan, and Prince Henry the Navigator

De Gama, Vasco, 64

Vasco de Gama was born in 1460 in Sines, Portugal. His family was one of nobles, and his father, Estevao, was an explorer. As soon as he reached the age, de Gama joined the navy and learned to navigate, and commanded a ship that intended to find sailing route to India in 1497. He captained four vessels on his first trip to India, and made two other voyages after returning to Portugal a few times. Eventually, Vasco de Gama died of an unnamed illness on December 24, 1524.

Magellan, Ferdinand, 41

Ferdinand Magellan was born in 1480 in Sabrosa, Portugal to a family with ties to the royal family. He was educated and learned about Portuguese exploration after 1490. He was involved in a number of Portuguese expeditions to the East Indies during the early 1500s, but left around 1517 to be sponsored by the King of Spain instead. Magellan was then sent on a mission to find a waterway through the Americas to reach the East Indies. He did not make it to his destination though, and instead died in battle in the Philippines in April of 1521.

Prince Henry the Navigator, 66

Prince Henry the Navigator (Enrique of Portugal) was the son of King John I of Portugal, and was born in 1394. He was involved in a number of expeditions that involved exploring the west coast of Africa, which later led to other important Portuguese expeditions as well. Under Prince Henry, the Portuguese led many expeditions and explorations of the world around them. Henry died in 1460, almost thirty years before the southern tip of Africa was discovered.