The Freedom Summer Murders

Don Mitchell


The book THE FREEDOM SUMMER MUDERS by Don Mitchell is about a segregation and different peoples stories about the ones they have lost and about the white people who were also killed mostly by a group called the ku klux klan (KKK) who was really hated black people and was really against all the white people that helped the black people.

Ku Klux Klan

the ku klux klan are scary people because they would kill black people. They are also very ruthless, for example if you are white and you help a black person you are in danger of these guys because they are very dangerous.
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This is a member of the Ku Klux Klan he is holding a gun probably ready to kill someone
Michael Jackson - Black Or White

differences of blacks to whites

Blacks had there own schools and whites had there own schools. Cops didn't give black people a chance unlike white people. White people could get better jobs however black people couldn't get a job at all. The black people were at a really big risk of being killed unlike the whites.