Beowulf, The Story of Me

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Hey Guys!

First off, Hey! I'm Beowulf. This is my first time blogging, and I'm super excited. I hope you are to. This is will be the place I record all of my daring dues, so I hope you all enjoy. Let me know what you guys think! Thank you!

My Origin!

Well since there is nothing going on right now, and I know I'll be on Smore a lot, I guess I'll tell you a little about myself. I am the ruler of Spear-Danes, following after the Great Beow. He was sent from God to help his people. Ahh, what a man. As you can tell that's where I get my name from. Beow wasn't always the King you know. King Scyld was king before and died in his prime, leaving Beow with the throne. Bad timing huh? Anyways thats enough talking for today! Ta-Ta for now!

Chapter 1

chapter 2

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chapter 10

So today i found out that Hrothgar and the queen are now being protected by the danes great protector, and the heriot is protected by god himself, crazy stuff I know! But I've been waiting to fight grendal for a while now like he thinks hes this big bad guy but hes no stronger than I am honestly. Anyway that's been my day, talk to you guys tomorrow!

xoxox<3 - Beowulf

chapter 11-13

I'm so sad, today I lost some of my soldiers at the hands of grendal ;( we were just sleeping in the heriot when he just burst in and started getting them, I was in awe and just watched the whole thing go down. I got so fed up i jumped out of bed and attacked him! i could tell grendal was weak and I eventually ripped his shoulder off and ended the whole thing. ohhh wow today was just crazy! but I have to go for today, ill talk to yo guys soon.


chapter 14-15

So you all know how i fought grendal and ripped his arm off? well I decided to keep it and hang it in the heriot as a trophy. when Hrothgar saw it he said to me, "let me have you to my heart, make you my son to." what he said was kinda lame but, I feel so great I already looked up to him as a father figure, this is just amazing to me. I'm so happy I don't think ill be able to sleep! but I should try, see you guys later!


chapter 16

chapter 17

chapter 18