Stop Oil Pollution

What to do

Effects of Oil pollution

Oil pollution has effected the earth and its animals for a long time. The first large oil spills have been recorded since 1901. When oil spills, it affects everything around it. When oil spills on land, it kills any animal and plant life there because its poisonous and toxic. Oil spills and explosions from leaks like from a boat, or a fire was ignited by the oil in a facility. One of the biggest uses for oil is in tar sands. Tar

Biggest issue

Tar Sands

One of the biggest uses of oil is in tar sands. Tar sand is basically sand mixed with oil and has a feel to it like tar when it is picked up in ones hands. When oil and sand are combined, it gives more ahydrocarmon when the oil is burned from the sand and is used to make alot of plastics. That also means now PLASTIC is bad.
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Oil Spill Prevention

If you want to stop oil pollution because of its harmful uses, visit the orginization called Oil Spill It will tell you what you can do to stop oil pollution TODAY!