Adolf Hitler

Sally Seok Academic 1

Famous dictator on world war 2, Adolf Hitler, what was his life like?

How did he became a dictator? Adolf Hitler had a difficult life time as others.Hitler was the fourth child out of six children. Hitler joined military and quickly rose to power. Hitler was born in Austria, 1889. He try ed to kick the president out of power,then got captured and was sent to the prison for a year.While Hitler was in the jail, he wrote a book called

"Mein Kampf". Hitler promised the Germans that he would fix German's problem. Hitler quickly rose to power, became a chancellor, kicked president out of power and became, a dictator.His plan was going well for him.

On 1907, his mother died and that broke his heart. he moved to Vienna and he went for the academy of fine arts, but his art work was not good enough for that school.These statement shows us that Hitler's life was extremely hard for him.Hitler quit school in age 15 because he was failing school. Germany rose to power. Great Depression in Germany provided political opportunity for Hitler. Hitler received a notice from German soldiers. He was munch and wanted to go to physical, but they said no, Hitler was poor, so he went all the way back to Germany. Hitler hated the Jews with tons of crazy laws. Hitler used his position as chancellor to form a defect to legal dictatorship. Nazis killed 11 million to 14 million people including 6 million Jews. Hitler hated the Jews.

Adolf Hitler

Hitler's beloved mother died, and that broke his heart.Hitler was sent to jail because he had joined the D.A.P. It shows that he had a difficult teenage life. He hated the Jews and made concentration camp where he killed 6 millions of Jews with gas chambers. He thought that German was going to loose the war, he did not wanted to get killed by Russian hand, so he killed himself in his bunk bed in May 1945.