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May 13, 2016

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Photo Credit: Stephanie Parsons

Practicing Place Value

Understand that two digit numbers are composed of tens and ones (CC.K.NBT.1)
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Sharing the Love of Learning

With only a few days left, the children have begun to sign up for turns to read to the class. They take the role very seriously. At the end of their story they ask their friends a series of questions: "Who was the author? Who was the illustrator? Who were the characters? What was the setting? What happened at the beginning, middle, and end?" I love the way they have begun teaching one another! They are taking ownership of their learning!

Patriot Pride

What does it mean to be a Patriot?

Braylon D., “Do good stuff. There’s no littering.”

Bradley, “Be a friend.”

Aubrey, “We play and learn math.”

Amy Kate, “To be a Patriot means be a friend so that everyone can be nice. You treat people the way you want to be treated.”

Ava, “You do right things and Patriots always listen to the teachers.”

Esther, “A Patriot means to be special.”

Thank you Mr. Matt

We are so thankful for our visits from Mr. Matt, from the local Pike Road Branch Library. We decided to present him with our Reading Wreath as way to say thank you. We started with a blank wreath frame at the beginning of the year. Every time we read a book as a whole class we would add a ribbon. What a wonderful year of reading together!

Practicing Words with Playdough

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Water Day

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Save the Date

Thursday, May 26th, 10:45am

500 Avenue of Learning

Pike Road, AL

The children have requested a picnic for the last day of school. All families are welcome to attend! Please pack a sack lunch and join us for our last meal together.

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