Cell cycle


The cycle of cells

Is a division of somatic cells, it's a repeating sequence of cellular growth and division.

There are 5 phases G1 the first growth phase, S synthesis phase, G2 second growth phase, mitosis division of nucelus, and the last phase is cytokinesis division of cytoplasm.


Mitosis is the division of the nucelus forms 2 nuclei, each containing a complete set of the cells chromosomes. There are 4 stages Prophase, Metaphase, Anaphase, and Telophase.


A nuclear envelope forms around the chromosomes at each pole, two distinct daughter cells are formed. The cells separate as the cell cycle proceeds into the next interphase.


Division of cytoplasm, in animal cells the plasma membrane pinches in the along the equator ( cleveage furrow). Plant cells makes a cell plate. Cytokinesis isn't part of Mitosis.