The Land Of Malaysia & China

The Ibn Battuta Journey


1.Malaysian Chinese are a socioeconomically well established middle-class ethnic group and make up a highly disproportionate percentage of Malaysia's professional and educated classes with a record of high educational achievement, a high representation in the Malaysian professional white-collar workforce, and one of the highest household incomes among minority demographic groups in Malaysia.

2.Malaysian Chinese constitute one group of Overseas Chinese and is one of the largest Overseas Chinese communities in the world.

3.As of 2010, approximately 6,960,000 Malaysian Chinese – majority of the population (except those mixed ones) – self-identify as "Chinese".

4. Most are the descendants of Chinese who arrived between the early and the mid-20th century.

Sights To See

1. Kualpa Lumpur

2. Penang

3. Melaka

Ibn Battuta: China and Malaysia