Pirate Cove Connection 10-26-15

PES Media Center News - End of October 2015

What an Awesome October!

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Thank You Volunteers!

The Fall Book Fair was a huge success! Thank you to all of our parent volunteers who helped to make this fair the best ever. We met our goal and have added great books to our school library and the classroom libraries at Palencia.

Legos and Literature

The Pirate Cove hosted a LEGO creation project contest. Students made a creation that represented a character, setting, or any other feature from a favorite book using LEGO pieces. Three judges evaluated the project entries for originality, creativity and adherence to the rules. Three winners were chosen and each of them received $25 to spend at the book fair. Below are the winners and a few other very good projects.

Birthday Book Club

The Palencia Elementary School Media Center’s Birthday Book Club is a wonderful way to commemorate your child’s birthday. Your participation not only enriches the library collection but allows you and your child to be personally involved in its growth.

To take part in the Birthday Book Club donate one new undamaged hardback book. This book should be a book that your child enjoys and one that we don’t have in the media center already. You can choose a new book at the book store or a new book from the Book Fair. A quick check of our library catalog (Destiny) will tell you if we already have the book. If you would prefer, you may make a monetary donation of $15 and your child can choose from recently acquired books that are waiting to be put on the shelves.

The following is included with your enrollment;

- A special book plate placed inside the front cover of the donated book with your child’s name and birthday.

- A photo will be taken of your child with the book he/she chooses and will be displayed in the media center. This photo will be sent home with your child at the end of the year to keep and enjoy.

- An opportunity to share the book on WPES Morning News on the day of your child’s birthday.

- Your child will be the first to check-out the book that he/she donated!

This is a very special honor and a gift that keeps on giving to all who use the Palencia Elementary Media Center. If you would like to donate a book for your child’s birthday, please fill out the form and send it to the media center with the book or donation at least 2 weeks prior to your child’s birthday. Monetary donations should be made out to Palencia Elementary. If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Ayrish or Mrs. Degutis at Shannon.ayrish@stjohns.k12.fl.us or call (904) 547-4037.

Our Latest SSYRA Readers - How many have you read?

Payton P. - 10
Lexi B. - 5
Sabrina P. - 6
Alexandria K. - 9
Riley H. - 7
Elizabeth S. - 6
Michael C. - 9
Leonard M. - 5
Brody H. - 7
Gracie Y. - 7
Kaleigh R. - 5
Cameron S. - 5
Samantha G. - 5
Bri R. - 5

Accelerted Reader

Accelerated Reader is program that allows students to read books that have been leveled by readability and then take a test that determines their understanding of the book. AR tests are taken at school, but the books can be found many places.

Quizzes: Students will read books within their independent reading levels (ZPD). Then they will take a test on the computer to check their understanding or comprehension of the story. The quizzes have 5-10 questions depending on the level of the book. Students will receive points for the quizzes they pass. The goal is to maintain an average quiz score of 85% or above while reading on level.

At Home: Parents can check to see if a book is AR or on a student’s level by going to http://www.arbookfind.com. Student progress can be monitored by going to . Use the following information to log-in https://hosted81.renlearn.com/707343/HomeConnect/.

Username: student number

Password: pes