Owusua Shang Period 6a

About Me

Personal Style Inventory

My three words personal style is creative, influential, and practical. To describe how creative I am, I have an imaginative mind, I'm skilled at coming up with original ideas. Also I'm Influential, I'm lively and energetic. I like it when people allow me to editorialize and invent. Last to tell how I'm practical, I am awesome with details, and levelheaded.

Career Family History

Mom- Manger At Jacob Javs
Dad- U.S examiner
Uncle- UPS Manger
Aunt- Tax Collector
My family career choice does not affected my career choice. My parents respect the choices I make for my future. They know that I will pick a good choice.

Personal & Career Mission Statements

My personal mission is to accomplish my life goal, which is to become a pediatrician. I value friendship, trust, and trying your best. This is based on my goals, that is to maintain my friendships and gain more friends, also to be trusted with decisions, last to be a hardworking person.

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My Career: Pediatrician

A Pediatrician Work Environment

The work environment is mostly indoors with plenty of light and in temperature controlled rooms. Working conditions are usually pleasant with the work environment. Pediatricians can be waked at anytime of the night. They might even have to come in irregular times to evaluate a patient. A Pediatrician work environment is comfortable. There are no hazards or dangers that I know of in my work environment. Pediatrician work from 8 to 12 hours a day. Companies that hire pediatricians are All Day Medical Care LLC, and advocare Pediatric and Adult Medicine. Some physical and mental requirement are Active Listening, Critical Thinking, and Speaking.

How to become a Pediatrician

Becoming a pediatrician starts out with high school, class like biology, physics, and chemistry will prepare you for the type of coursework you will be studying in medical school. Also, good grades in high school will be important when it come to applying to a four year university. Grades received during sophomore and junior years are particularly important. Then of course you have to graduate from a four year university.

This will increase your chances of getting into medical school. You may need to complete certain requirements in chemistry, physics, general biology, and calculus. Increase your chances of being accepted to a top medical school by volunteering or working in an environment that deals with public health. Take the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT). After that its best to finish medical school. Last, get a board certified.

Job Outlook

Website that helped me (Bibilography)

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