Lana Del Rey

Tragic Hero

Qualities of a Tragic Hero

1.) A tragic hero is a character of noble stature and has greatness.

2.) Though the tragic hero is great, he or she is not perfect.

We should see in him or her, someone who is essentially like us (flawed), although perhaps elevated to a higher position in society.

3.) The hero’s downfall, is partially his/her own fault.

4.) The tragedy is usually triggered by some error of judgment.

5.) The hero’s misfortune is not wholly deserved.

6.) The hero’s fall is not pure loss.

Why Lana is a Tragic Hero

Before Lana began her fame she struggled. At an early age she had a problem with depression, drug addiction, and was even considered an alcoholic. She says in interviews that majority of this was due to the fact that she never fit in with people her age. When she was 15 Del Rey was sent to Kent, a boarding school in Connecticut, to try to become sober. She spent 3 years there to better herself and had been sober since 2004 according to one of her interviews (although due to recent incidents her claim doesn't stand true anymore). She is still facing the same obstacles of her childhood, but has still managed to become a talented singer and actress.

Video showing Lana's still struggling with her depression and addictions

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