YodelOh Math Mountain

a fun way to practice mathematical operations

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Developer – Spinlight Studio

Age Range - 8 to 11 year olds

Subject – Numeracy

Rating – 80/100

Price – £2.29 / $2.99

App Store Linkhttp://geni.us/48uz

Play Store Link - http://geni.us/31PL

Windows Store Link - Not Available

App Review

YodelOh Math Mountain uses a leaning through games approach to cleverly reinforce addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts. The gameplay involves a cartoon yodeller called Hans who gradually climbs a graphic mountain. If he reaches the top he yodels his way over the edge. In order to keep Hans from climbing to the peak, the player has to answer maths questions against the clock.

Five answers are provided underneath the sum. These appear in the form of targets. If the correct target is pressed within the time limit (approx. 5 seconds) the yodeller stays where he is and 10 points are added to the player’s score. If the wrong answer is pressed or the player takes too long, Hans takes a step up the mountain.

There are also ways to earn bonus points. For example, at regular intervals cartoon rams run up the mountain. If the player touches the ram before it reaches Hans they earn 25 points. If, on the other hand, the ram gets to Hans it will butt him forward several paces. While this adds another dimension to the gameplay, I actually found it quite distracting and in a classroom context, it could take away from the learning potential of the game. An option to turn this off would be useful.

Another addition that would really enhance this app is the ability to change the difficulty levels within each operation. As it stands, users can only choose whether to play addition, subtraction, multiplication or division and have no say in the size of the numbers. Being able to adjust this would allow teachers and parents to target the exact level at which a child is currently functioning.

Children will enjoy playing YodelOh Math Mountain. The graphics are superb and the music and singing, while not something I would want to listen to every day, definitely add to the fun.

YodelOh Math Mountain does not have any adverts or in-app purchases and links to other Spinlight Studio apps are protected by a parental gate.


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