Diary Of Anne Frank

Mr Vann Dann (Pels)

About There life

The theme in The Diary of Anne Frank is you must have courage when faced with obstacles is shown throughout the diary of Anne Frank. Anne shows courage when her family goes into hiding. She says “it is the silence of the night that frightens me the most” (381). This shows courage because although Anne is scared she continues on. Another example is Mr. Kraler and Miep are helping the families in the annex. Anne writes “if the nazi found out that they were hiding us… they would suffer the same fate we would” (381). Kraler and Miep show courage because they do not have to help and be in harms way, but they do because it is the right thing to do. The final example of courage in the diary of anne frank is when they were found by the green police. The play reads, ”She is no longer a child, but a woman with courage to meet whatever lies ahead” (433). This shows that anne has courage to face what comes next. These are examples of how we need courage when faced with obstacles.

The theme in The Diary Of Anne Frank you must have friendship to overcome tough times is shown throughout. One example of this is Anne and Peter had a very close relationship especially going through a tough time. Peter isn’t sure if he wants to be Anne’s friend. When he is talking about his cat, he says, “He doesn’t like strangers”(377). And Anne replies, “Then I’ll have to stop being strange won’t I?” (377).This helps understand that friendship is important to Anne because they had to live together so they might as well become friends. Another example of friendship is, Anne and Mr. Frank’s relationship was extremely close because Anne could tell him anything. “I love you, father. I don’t love anyone but you” (400). She said that because her mother doesn’t understand like her father.

Mr. Van Dan is a pig cause he is always wanting to eat. One example of him being a pig is when he snuck into the kitchen and took food. “You dirty thief… stealing food… you good-for-nothing”(424). This means they didn’t have very much food and he took it from them. Another way that Mr. Van Dann is like a pig is that he is always worried about the food supply will run really low then he won’t be able to eat. For example, when Mr. Dussel come, he says, “The only thing I fell… there’s so little food as it is… and take in another person”(390). This also means that Mr. Van Dann is selfish but doesn’t care about anyone else besides himself. Another way that is a pig is that he always complains that he is hunger. “I was hungery”(390). Pigs are always eating and not thinking about anything else.

Hermann Van Pels was born on March 31, 1898 in Gehrde near Osnabruck, Germany. On December 5, 1925, Hermann marries Auguste Rottgen. Then a year later, November 8, 1926, their son peter was born. Hermann Van Pels plays in the play as Mr. Van Daan and he is very selfish about everything. Hermann becomes a partner in Otto Frank’s business. He and his family went into hiding on July 13, 1942. Hermann and the rest of the people hiding get arrested on August 4, 1944. All hiders with the Franks in the annex where sent to the Westbork transit cap in the Netherlands.


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