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April 2019

Dear CGSD Community,

This month, the CGSD celebrated Autism Awareness Month, a preK-12 effort geared not only to promote awareness, but inspire a movement towards acceptance and appreciation for those with Autism Spectrum Disorder, ASD.

Data from a Centers for Disease Control (CDC) study of 11 states found New Jersey has the highest rate of autism. The CDC also found that one in 34 children in the state is diagnosed with autism, a 19 percent increase from 2016.

Though this is sobering news, there is also hope.

This past fall, Rutgers University launched the New Jersey Autism Center, aided in part by $4 million in funding from the Governor's Council for Medical Research and Treatment of Autism.

The NJ Department of Health runs an Autism Registry of children diagnosed with ASD to better understand the disorder and also help link families to available services.

The NJ Department of Education is also proactive in supporting all students with disabilities, including autism. In the past year, they've offered training sessions and outreach programs to school officials, including programming for students with disabilities, and most recently a transition conference focusing on preparing teens across the autism spectrum to enter adulthood and the adult service system.

We know that ASD impacts not just the child, but also parents, siblings, relatives, peers, teachers, and the broader community. As a loving uncle with a nephew on the spectrum, I am grateful for our local efforts to improve autism awareness and proud of the difference our work is making!



Michael J. Fetherman


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CG and TCNJ pride!

Newly accepted to The College of New Jersey, CGHS senior Peter Corso attended a recent alumni event with CG’s K-12 Math/Science Supervisor, Mrs. Janine Barboza, TCNJ Class of 2002, and K-4 music teacher Ms. Maggie Stroh, Class of 2016.

Peter will attend TCNJ in the Fall to study History Education and plans to continue his involvement with the music program.

The event was held in Verona, hometown of both the newly appointed 16th President of the College, Dr. Kate Foster, and Mrs. Barboza.

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Music Matters is a family-school organization supporting the music program at Cedar Grove High School. We work with the students and teachers to partner with and support community events and organizations in our wonderful town. Our 2018-19 theme is “It Takes Two!” and we are enjoying incorporating this theme into many of our music department activities throughout the year.

Please visit CGHS Music Matters online at:

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The mission of the Cedar Grove Education (CGEF) is to enrich and enhance the educational experiences of Cedar Grove students above and beyond the scope of the curriculum and to provide lifelong learning opportunities for the entire community.

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