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June 2019 Newsletter

Our school year is quickly coming to a close, and with it comes new transitions to summer schedules, saying good byes to special teachers and friends at school and hellos to new schedules and activities. We hope your year has been full of new growth and learning! Thank you for allowing us to be part of your child's world this year. May your next adventures be just as exciting.


The Early Education Team

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Take Home Tips: Summer Edition

There's no better time for fun in the sun than the summertime. Cool off in the days ahead with these fun activities!

  • Place small plastic animals or Legos in a cake pan and fill it with water to freeze overnight. Then, use tools to "excavate" your treasures with simple kitchen utensils.
  • Place peeled bananas on Popsicle sticks and freeze on waxed paper. Then, eat them like a Popsicle.
  • Fill your wading pool with ice cubes of all sizes. Build a boat with tinfoil to sail through the icy waters without hitting the icebergs.
  • Use plain water in spray bottles to spray and "paint" the outdoors. Use a paintbrush with water to "Paint" sidewalks and siding.
  • Fill different sized buckets with water and dissolve sidewalk chalk in them. Use scoopers to pour the water between buckets and splash onto the sidewalk.

Parenting: Tools to Use

With the flood of summer fun comes an important attention to safety practices that are specific to the season. From poison ivy to tick removal to sunburn prevention, you can keep your family safe and healthy in the sun, water, sand and land!

Check out these summer safety tips.


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