The stinging scorpion

Vince Lee

The scorpion has two little saws in his mouth to rip his catch apart

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The scorpion could be the color red,yellow,black,white or brown! Its armor like skin is very good at blocking big stings like from a bee. Its size could be two to twenty-five centimeters! It has eight legs unlike spiders the don't have two front grabers.
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It mostly eats spiders,(why dose every thing eats spiders:(

)small rodents,and insects. But will eat anything it can get his pinchers on. But if the catch is to big it will retreat.


Dry deserts,grasslands,savannas ,and tropical jungles are places that Scorpions live. They don't make dens like spiders. They wonder the land till it can find a meal.
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This is a scorpion it in its habitat

Life cycle

Baby scorpions stay on its mothers back like a wolf spider. If one baby scorpion gets flung of the mothers back the baby might try to get back on the back the mother. If it tries the mother will turn around and eat the baby scorpion. Now that is a bad parent! So the baby has got to live on its own if it gets flung of the mothers back.
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Do you see the babies on the mothers back?

Interesting Facts

Scorpions are nocturnal most of the time. They spend their time under rocks or in dark places. They hunt at night to have a better chance of getting a snack. They have a very low chance of becoming extinct but who knows. Plus they glow when you put a blue light on them. The scorpion moms are really bad parents if they cant find any thing to eat they will simply turn around and eat a baby of its back.


A scorpion was tested on with a big bug and a small bug and the scorpion took the big bug so the scientists learned the scorpion would risk his life for a bigger meal. It will snap its claws to make sounds to call for a mate.
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A scorpion has three weapons. First it has a stinger second it has two front pinchers third it has two little mouth parts inside its mouth.


Mainly large spiders ,other scorpions ,people ,rodents,birds,and lizards are the main predator to a scorpion.

fun fact people eat scorpions yummy. It is a delicacy.

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Family life

Scorpions do molt like spiders. But they have no webs they will have up to eight to twelve babies at a time. Plus the mother has to feed every single one of them.
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This bunch climbed on a spiders back and is eating the spider

Black Tailed Scorpion Baby vs Pirate Spider | MONSTER BUG WARS
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