Social Studies Class Quarter 3

Social Studies Class Quarter 3

What are the 13 colonies? How should YOU remember them?

The 13 colonies are grouped into 3 groups. New England, Middle Colonies and the Southern Colonies. In This article I'm going to show you how I learned the 13 colonies, their land forms and their climate.

New England - climate and landform

New England has lots of hill, high and low tablelands, which makes it fairly hard to farm there. The cold winters and mild summers also gave the crops a hard time and a short growing season. Click here for more information on the climate and land form.

Middle Colonies - Climate and land form

Middle colonies has lots of high and low table lands and plains. The middle colonies had lots of water bodies like the Delaware, the Hudson and the Susquehanna.

Southern Colonies - Climate and Land form

The southern colonies had lots of plains and good soil. The climate was very good for growing crops and so was the land. The climate was very mild and winters were short just like crops like it.