Tech Tuesday SHS

May 17th, 2016

NearPod & EdPuzzle Training - planning periods

Tuesday, May 17th, 7:30am-3:15pm

room 263

Come check out an example of nearpod and edpuzzle. Then, create one for a lesson! Bring your favorite beverage, snacks and water will be provided!

Where is Mrs. Shepherd?

  • Monday & Friday AM - central office and SEarCH
  • Tuesday-Thursday - High School Room 263
  • Monday & Friday PM - High School Room 263

Over the next week or so, you may see me bouncing from class to class to observe. I'm trying to learn the school and what technology we have! This is non-evaluative and I'll do my best not to interrupt class time! :)

What's her job?? The DIF??

Digital Instructional Facilitator, also know as an Instructional Technology Facilitator

Find out more here.

Tools for the Teacher

A few awesome tools to look into for daily instruction!

Google Slides - okay okay, I know this is just like powerpoint? RIGHT it is LIKE powerpoint, however, it's not! Did you know you can do a live Q&A session when you choose to present? Kids can discuss or asks questions and they pop right up on the screen! You can crop within slides, use an online photo, and more! Click here for a short video help!

Organizational Tools - As a busy mom, teacher, wife, praise team leader, sunday school teacher, niece, daughter, challenge leader.....okay I'll stop, you get the point, reinventing the wheel was not an option for me! Check out The Together Teacher for tools and downloadable freebies to help be organized in your classroom.

Powerschool - Did you know this was mobile/tablet friendly? Ask me how to use this for formative data!!!!!!!!

Contact Me!!

Email or text me if you have questions! I would love to set up a time to lesson plan and work with you in your classroom.

What is a Digital Instructional Facilitator? Click to learn more!

My Calendar - Click to see if I'm available to work with you!