The Fault In Our Stars

Book Review of the NY Times #1 Bestseller Book by John Green

The Fault In Our Stars

This book is written by a great novelist called John Green. It is a Young Adult Novel and Realistic Fiction.


This book is about the life of 16 year old girl (Narrator) who has thyroid cancer that has spread to her lung. She goes to a cancer support group because of her Mom. Their she meets Augustus Waters a 17 year old boy who has a prosthetic leg. He is here because of his best friend Isaac who will become blind because of eye cancer. They hit it off instantly, and they trade each others favorite novels. Augustus is angry that Hazel's favorite novel does not have a true ending that sums it all up. So Augustus started to email Van Houten through his assistant. Augustus is anxious to figure out how this book ends. He asks Van Houten and Van Houten says that he has to tell them in person. So Augustus buys plane tickets with his savings for him, Hazel, and Hazel's mom to go to Amsterdam. On the trip they confess their love for each other, despite a drunk Van Houten not telling them the ending. When they come back from their trip tragedy strikes. You will just have to read the book to find out the rest! P.S Have tissues by your side while reading this, because you will need them.


I loved all the characters. They were all unique and they all played a big part in the book. I especially loved the main characters Hazel, Augustus, and Isaac. I loved Hazel because she was a brave and independent person who kept believing even after everything she has gone through. Augustus in one of the best male characters I have seen in a book. He is extremely loving and friendly. Isaac is one of my favorite sidekicks ever. After everything he has gone through just like Hazel, he is an extremely good friend and he keeps his head up! One character which I hated at the beginning and liked better at the end was Van Houten. This guy was completely a round character. He was horrible at the beginning then evolved and became good toward the end. This was my analysis on the main characters in this book.

Worth It or Not?

This book is definitely worth reading. It is extremely captivating and is unlike any other book. You have to read it or watch it. YOU MUST! Watch the movie trailer and tell me if it already did not get you interested. Comment below if you have or are planning to read this wonderful book.

Personal Reactions and Recommendations

My personal reactions to this book were really mixed. At the beginning the book was about to lovebirds, and even that part got me emotional. REMEMBER: YOU WILL NEED TISSUES! I could not stop crying at the end because it was so sad but I was so angry at how it ended at the same time. It made me feel happy when all the characters were happy. Mostly it just made me astonished, depressed, and aggravated. There is nothing like this book! I love dramatic book and if you like them to you should definitely read this book. I have actually never seen the movie because I know that it is never going to be as good as the book. But I heard it was really good and if you are one of those people who like to watch the movie go ahead, but for now here is a trailer below. Anyway this book really tugs at the heartstrings and if I read it again it will be my 7th time! So watch the trailer and comment what you think. I definitely recommend this book! Not only because this book has a incredible storyline, but because of the great way it makes you feel about how thankful about your own life.

I give this....

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