The Big Split

By: Corinne Britt

Part Of The Memoir

My cousins and I went swimming at a pool. One time when I jumped, I hit my chin on the side of the pool and it split open. I almost drowned trying to get out of the water; my mom finally pulled me out. My chin was dripping blood; my mom rushed me to the bathroom. We pulled out some paper towels and we tried to stop the bleeding, but it wouldn't stop. I was put in the car and was rushed to the hospital. I was in so much pain and I remember being in the car just trying to forget about the pain I was feeling. When they finally got me to an emergency room, I was starting to feel sick. I was awake the whole time they were stitching my chin up and I remember it hurting so badly.

How Did I Overcome It?

I was so relieved when the ordeal was finally over. I was really careful the next time I went swimming, I always remembered not to run or jump to close to the edge. I will always remember that tragic day when I split my chin open.