Fourth Grade Flash

Week of 9/21/15

"Practice multiplication facts every day for several minutes."

-Many Teachers

From the Room Parents:

Grade level newsletters will be emailed out as a link every Monday by 4:00 p.m. These newsletters will be the primary communication for all grade level curriculum information, class events, field trips, classroom deadlines, student work examples, etc. Teachers may also send very short reminders from time to time about deadlines. The Maywire, sent out every Tuesday evening, is the primary communication about schoolwide events. Emails sent occasionally from room parents will be primarily focused on volunteer information for grade-level/school-wide events or clarifications about special events.

From the Music Department:

For the next three-four weeks, the kids will be learning about all of the instruments and trying them out. After their brief introduction, they will give me their top two choices (most will get their first choice.) Then, I will send home a handout with all of the information about how and where to get the instruments. They can use a school instrument, rent an instrument from a music store, or buy an instrument. Full details will be provided in the handout. Again, this will happen in about a month.



Important Dates:

Homework folders will be sent home today. Please go over the paper, initial the sheet for each subject, and send the sheet back by Wednesday.

Mass of the Holy Spirit - Friday, Sept. 25, 1:00 pm - CONCERT DRESS

Picture Day - Next week - Wednesday, September 30. Get an order form from your homeroom teacher if you don't already have one.



Topic 2 begins this week, which will focus on patterns, sequences and tables. Please practice your facts EVERY NIGHT for 10 minutes.


In lesson 2, we will read an excerpt from a biography about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and do work related to the story.

The READING LOG is available to print from the fourth grade website.


TEST next Friday, October 2 - Unit 2: words with short and long e sounds.


Grammar includes the prefixes in- and re- as well as antonyms.

For writing, we will focus on creating a story, including word choice and fictional narrative.

SCIENCE: This week we will learn about solutions and mixtures. We will also study why ice (including glaciers) floats.

SOCIAL STUDIES: We will have our first quiz next Thursday, September 24th on the four regions of California. Your child will be doing review activities in class. All quiz questions are based on our regions packet.

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