May Tornado Technology

"Tech gives the quietest student a voice."

7 Technology Related Things You Must Do if You are Leaving the District

  • Remove your profiles from any and all iPads. Here a doc that tells you how.
  • Put all tech and tech related items, including remotes, cabling, mics, apple TVs, mimio, laptop(s), etc. . in provided storage tub (these are on the way). Here's a Checklist
  • Complete this form if you have not already.
  • Turn in the form above and ALL tech items to the library (include the checklist)
  • Box up your iPads and/or Chromebooks, including your teacher issued devices, and take to the library for check in. Label your box with your room number and name.
  • Transfer any Google doc, spreadsheet, form etc. . .that you want to keep to a new Google account or your existing private account. You can do this by following instructions given here: Google Takeout Instructions
  • Forward any emails you want to keep to your new or personal Google account.

End of Year Technology Things for Everyone to Do

Every year we spend thousands of dollars replacing misplaced cables, remotes, mics, chargers, adapters, smartboard pens, mimeo pens, and more. Please help us help the budget by completing the following:

  • Please box up all of your technology in one box and store it in a safe location IN YOUR ROOM preferably where it will not need to be removed for cleaning. If there is not place in your room to store safely, please find an alternate place. Clearly label the box with room number and name. To put it simply, you store your own tech, do not turn it in to anyone if you are staying in the district.
  • Here's a checklist of what to put in the box.
  • Print the checklist and place it in your box.
  • Charge your mobile devices and then turn them off.
  • Store your mobile devices in a box clearly labeled with your room number and name. Store them in a safe location, preferably where they will not need to be moved for cleaning.
  • Use the Disposal of Inventory Form to report anything that you've sent to the tech "junk pile".
  • Use the Transfer Inventory Form to report anything you've given to someone else or received from someone else since you turned in inventory forms.
  • If your room is used for summer school, please make sure those using your room know where to locate your tech items.
  • Take any broken mobile devices (those that no longer work at all) to the library for check in. We will work on replacements over the summer.


  • Be sure restrictions are on for all devices, and location settings and account settings are changed to "do not allow changes".
  • Be sure you have named your devices by number example: Jones 1, Jones 2, .... in Settings-->About-->Name on your iPads. If you haven't, finding a missing one is nearly impossible, because by default they are all just called iPad.
  • Update software

Mobile Device Inventory

You probably noticed that mobile devices do not appear on your inventory. You mobile devices are treated like a library book and are checked in and out through the Destiny library system. You will receive a copy of what we have checked out to you in a couple of weeks. You will make a copy to put in your box of stored mobile devices and return a copy to me. Please note on the copy returned to me anything that is incorrect. If this is the time you notice missing devices, please alert me via email asap. iPads can be tracked, if set up properly, by going to and entering your iTunes information. Select "Find my iPad". If you have numbered your iPads in the "about section", under settings like instructed, you will be able to find the missing iPad by number.

iOS App Update

Google Tip of the Month

We're working on putting ALL tech items in the library system.

If tech items change hands for any reason, make sure to take them to the library for check in. The technology department will check with the library for equipment that needs service. The exception obviously will be for permanent items like your smartboard, or projector. If you are turning in a broken laptop, for example. Take it to the library for check in. Are you giving your apple tv to someone else who will use it more? Take it to the library to be checked in and back out the new person. Are you leaving the district? Take your tech items to the library for check in.