Pro Baseball Players

Are they worth the big bucks?

How much money are they worth?

Baseball started in 1875, raising ticket prices as the years go on with more demands in salary prices. Some people think if you are the best at what you do there should be no limit to the money you can make. Also spending millions on one person is to extensive and ridiculous.

Does the money need to grow?

  • Salaries of MLB players are going up from 19 million in 2011 to 29 million in 2013
  • The average major league baseball player is 11 million
  • Most adults that play baseball would love to play for their job and make millions of dollars

Injured and still paid

  • Most athletes are putting their body's through the ringer each game with extensive high cost medical bills
  • A major league baseball player when injured is paid a minimum league salary of $440,000 for sitting on the bench 99.99% of the game
  • 101 major league players were injured in one national league season and mostly for hamstrings

is it important ?

  • The average teacher salary in Wisconsin is $33,000 compared to an average salary of 11 million is very low
  • Most people think there are more important jobs in the world like a teacher, a firefighter, a teacher or a person in the military
  • Pro athletes pockets are getting fatter with there multi-million dollar contract