The Beginning, Middle and the End

The French Revolution

The National Assembly's reaction to Peasant Rebellion

Recently, the National Assembly has made an extrodinary introduction to the public. They have presented themselves to the public, and some of the lower citizens of the third estate have rebelled against the National Assembly. The National Assembly has reacted to peasant uprising by abolishing feudalism which held peasants or serfs captive and by doing this ultimately ended these common and very signifigant events. I think that peasants were angry at the thought that they were considered lower class citizens and this made them angry. By law they were required to pay more taxes even though it was by far harder for them to pay these taxes unlike the people of the first and second estates. Coming from a second estate family, to working and being considered in the third estate I realize and understand where the peasants were coming from. I understand why the National Assembly took charge and decided to make new laws that lessened the feeling of lower class life felt by the peasants.

By: Danielle Harrington of the Third Estate; July 29, 1789

Goodbye Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette

Today, King Louis and Marie Antoinette were executed because we as the kingdom and the government felt that the reason that our great country has no money and is bankrupt is thanks to this couple. We believed that they are the reason we are struggling as a country and nation. Millions gathered to see them die and celebrate in the opportunity to watch our problems die as well, or so we thought. I think that we soon will realize that this powerful couple did not have anything to do with our bankrupt country. I hope that we will see that although they might have contributed to the collapse of our nation they were not the reason why we have failed. Today was a memory for the history books that will be told for centuries to come. We are happy that the reign of monarchs is over and are excited to start rebuilding the key items of a good, strong government. Those who supported the king are hiding at the threat of also being executed and having their death be a public celebration as did the king and queens execution. Today people celebrate, and the joyous lavish lifestyles that we think will just appear will not come and we will wake up tomorrow the exact same but with a weaker government and the realization that we have no idea what we are going to do now.

By: Simon Moreau; January 21, 1793

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The Reign of Terror is OVER!!!

Maximilien de Robespierre’s reign is FINALLY over. Today, people came from all different parts of the country to watch this evil ruler die from his own preferred method of death, the guillotine. People were relieved at the idea, that the man that had been the center of their fear and nightmares was about to die in front of their eyes. I believe that by killing this ruthless killer, Robespierre, we are doing our country a huge favor. I say this because we are saving lives, while making our country better and more welcoming to new changes in our government and other aspects of our nation. This man that terrorized millions of our friends and families and conspired to make us not want to express ourselves and the basic freedoms that we have when we are born is about to die. we realize that we no longer need to hold back our opinions and different interpretations about the government and other key parts of our wonderful nation. We understand that we no longer need to be afraid, and we no longer are afraid.

By: Marie Dubois; Septermber 5, 1793

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