Educational IOS Mobile Apps

by Breanna Dorby


Here are five mobile IOS apps that students can download. These educational apps all support personal mobile learning for various grade levels. Below are the list of apps as well as examples of how they could be used to support your classroom learning.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a free app that allows students to learn almost anything. This app contains videos on multiple topics in various subjects such as math, science, history, and economics. Khan Academy works by having you search the topic you want to learn about and providing you with videos that take you step by step to explain the topic to you. You are able to bookmark these videos so you can always come back and re-watch them, this app also includes interactive activities that give you hints and check your work after.

I would recommend this app for grades eight and up because the subject matter within the app best fits the curriculum taught in these grades. One way this app could be used is during homework. If students are doing their homework or an assignment and are not sure how to proceed with a question they can find the topic in this app and receive help that they would otherwise have to wait until the next class to get.

Using Khan Academy


Quizlet is a free app that students can download for study purposes. The app allows you to create flashcards in any subject. You can set pictures and voice recordings to the flashcards and can share them with others or search to use someone else's flashcards. Teachers can also use this app because you can set up a class and have your students make flashcards for a topic and then share them with the others in the class.

This app would best benefit grades three and up because students need to know how to use and understand technology. One way this app could be used by students is to improve their pronunciation of words and improve their study habits as well as just studying. Teachers could use this app as a project to wrap up a unit and introduce students to a new way of studying.

How to use Quizlet


Duolingo is a free app that focuses on improving your language skills. You can choose from a variety of different languages including French, Spanish, English, German, Italian and many more. This app works by taking through levels that start with simple word and picture recognizing questions and works you up translating phrases to and from your language. This app makes learning a new language fun and simple, it adjusts the difficulty of the question depending on your progress.

I would recommend this app for any grade. Ways this app could be used are to check up on your progress, practice phrases and site words, as well as for review and study purposes. This app could be a great addition to lessons in class to give students a more personalized learning plan.

How to Use Duolingo (EDS 319)


BrainPOP is a free educational app that students can download as a fun way to learn. Students can watch educational videos for free and then test their knowledge afterwards. There are hundreds of videos on Science, Math, Social Studies, English, Arts etc. etc.

This app would best be used for grades nine and under because the content is an appropriate maturity level for this age group. This app could be used in the class by teachers or out of the class at home by students and parents. BrainPOP can accompany lessons and allows your students to see the topic in a new, exciting and fun way.

Brain Pop Tutorial

Kids Academy

Kids Academy is a free educational app that works to improve the handwriting skills of children and teaches them how to write letters through tracing. The tracing process guides kids along with dotted lines, arrows, and encouragement. This app allows students with both right and left handed writing styles to flourish. There are two levels of difficulty; the first is with the guided tracing through dotted lines and arrows, and the second is writing the letter independently. This app lets parents and teachers track the child's progress.

This app would best benefit pre-school, kindergarten, and grade one students the most. One way this app could be used is to introduce children to the alphabet and writing. If teachers had an interactive whiteboard this might be a fun activity to do with the class. Students can use this app wherever to practice and master writing the letters of the alphabet so they stay on track with their learning.