With Effort Comes Results!

April 23, 2017

Hey my dear 1st Impressions!

I'm just getting back into the groove from spring break (that seemed like the longest ever!) and am refreshed and ready to build up my business again. Spring is a time for restoring, renewing and refreshing all around. I chose to take my foot off the pedal for a while so I could enjoy focused time with my family & friends. The flexibility is a huge reason why I LOVE this business.

Yet, now I've got to get back into the groove. As with all goals, they must first start with actions: one foot in front of the other--just like working out daily to get both physical and emotional happiness, a bit of work will help your biz too.

So even if you have ZERO on the calendar, this is a fantastic time to ramp it up :)

Are you ready to build up your biz? Let's do it together and have some fun!

How about a 10 Day, 10-4 Incentive with 10 Days of Prizes?!

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What is the 10-4 System?


It's reaching out to 10 NEW contacts a week and following up with them 4x maximum over the next week or so via different modes of communication:

1) Call

2) Text

3) Facebook IM

4) Email

This can be done in whatever way works best for your schedule, ie:

  • 2 calls on your way to work: M-F (could be 5- 10 mins a day!)
  • 2 calls at your lunch break: M-F
  • 2-30 mins. sessions a week
  • 1 hour a week

Your choice on when and how you do the outreach but just do it. Small incremental steps can be just as effective as a solid hour. Find a time in the day when you have energy are ready to express your enthusiasm as to why your contact may love having some friends over for a few hours and/or why being a stylist would be such a great fit around her busy life.

Join me each day on our 1st Impressions Team Facebook Page!

We'll have tips, words to say, a challenge, and a prize incentive to go for!


Print out your tracker and check out our page at your leisure each day starting tomorrow/Monday!

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With all the great reasons spring brings, let's INVITE away!

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Excited to put some gas into our businesses together!



Founding Executive Director