Mrs. Mitchell's First Grade Class

Week of February 8-12, 2016

What Have We Been Doing?

  • Mathematics: There has been math all around us this week! At calendar time, we have been trying to quickly figure out what a week from a certain date will be (A week is 7 days, so we "grab" the date and count up 7 fingers....unless we are getting to some of the last days of the month!). We are learning how to figure out how many days are in a month by using the knuckle method. Ask your student if they can show you! February is always tricky because, of course, it has fewer days. Just some of the ways we celebrated the 100th day of school: counting backwards from 100, counting how many steps it took to get to the washrooms from our classroom, doing exercises ten at a time, filling out 10 lists with 10 examples, and tallying our favorite collection of 100 items.
  • Science: We completed our unit on chemical engineering, which had the students analyzing the properties of high-quality, commercial playdough. Then the students made their own, keeping in mind how the materials (flour, salt, water) interacted with one another, while also trying to figure out proportions. Maybe a small bag of playdough made it home.....
  • Literacy: A rather tricky reading pattern this week: the ___le sound, which we hear at the end of words such as table, wiggle, little.

Student Art Awards

Congratulations to Adrian and Kasey for having their artwork chosen to go in the K-12 Art Institute Show! The opening ceremony is March 3, from 5-7 in the Great Hall of the Depot.

The art teacher had to quickly send the art work away to be mounted for the show, so I was not able to get a picture of them with their art.

Reminder: No School Next Week, February 15-19.

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Happy Valentines Day