The Belle Ringer

Belle River Elementary School Newsletter ~ May 2016

Important Dates

Monday, May 2

  • Fifth Grade Health Presentation, 1:30-2:30
  • Melanoma Awareness Day

Tuesday, May 3

  • East China Bond Election; Please don't forget to vote!
  • Third Grade M-STEP: Math Performance Task
  • Fifth Grade Orientation at MCMS, 11:00-3:30

Wednesday, May 4

  • Popcorn Day
  • ACES Day Activities: 2:30-3:00

Thursday, May 5

  • Talmer Bank Presentations, 9:00-12:00 - Grades 2-4
  • PTO Meeting, 4:00 p.m.

Friday, May 6

  • School Store
  • National School Nurse Day

Tuesday, May 10

  • Fourth Grade M-STEP, ELA CAT

Wednesday, May 11

  • Popcorn Day
  • Fourth Grade M-STEP, Math CAT
  • Fire Drill at 10:30

Thursday, May 12

  • No School for Students/Full Day Teacher Professional Development

Monday, May 16

  • Third Grade to the Port Huron Museum

Tuesday, May 17

  • Fourth Grade M-STEP: Math Performance Task
  • Fifth Grade Party Planning Meeting at 6:00 p.m.

Wednesday, May 18

  • Popcorn Day
  • Fourth Grade M-STEP: Science Tests, 1 & 2
  • Open House for New Students, 6:00-7:00

Thursday, May 19

  • Second Grade Marine City Museum Tour, 9:30-1:15

Friday, May 20

  • School Store

Monday, May 23

  • Board of Education Meeting, 7:00 p.m.

Wednesday, May 25

  • Popcorn Day
  • Kindergarten Orientation, 9:30 a.m.

Thursday, May 26

  • Kindergarten Field Trip to Upland Hills
  • Red Cross Blood Drive, 2:00-6:00

Friday, May 27

  • Field Day
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A Tribute to Our Teachers

In recognition of teacher appreciation week, let us take a moment to reflect on the incredible work of our teachers at Belle River. Teachers are arguably the nation’s greatest heroes; they dedicate their lives to educating our youth and leading our community and country towards advancement. However, our excellent educators work silently, changing and impacting the lives of their students without any need for acknowledgment. They were never in this job for money or prestige. Teaching has always been about the students because the teaching profession is a calling, a purpose.

As the school year is winding down and students, families, and teachers are feeling exhausted, let us take time to recognize the great sacrifices that our teachers have made throughout the year for our students in taking up the task of educating them and often guiding them through life and playing a part in the shaping of who they are and who they are yet to be. A teacher is more than an educator. A teacher can play many roles: a friend, an advocate, a counselor, a mentor. A teacher can be the guiding force in students’ lives even after they pass through the portals of Belle River and step into the world that lies ahead to be conquered.

From my perspective, I see teachers working tirelessly to meet the academic and social-emotional needs of your children. They spend long hours planning, preparing, communicating, and evaluating before and after school, at home, and on weekends. Teachers know their students inside and out, almost as well as parents, providing strategies and instruction tailored to each child. They divide their time among dozens of students, pouring their hearts into developing each child to his or her greatest potential as a learner and a person. They care for and love their students.

Belle River families, I encourage you to take a moment to acknowledge the efforts of our teachers. Because we are all so busy, we often only reach out to teachers when there is a problem or concern. Let us take a moment in May to celebrate the work and dedication of our incredible teachers. Brighten a teacher’s day with one of these compliments:

  • Thank you. It is simple, but meaningful. People in education do not hear this often enough.
  • We appreciate you. Teachers do not just teach students. They prepare them for life. Saying you appreciate them reminds teachers that their impact goes beyond the classroom.
  • You deserve a break. Remind our teachers to recharge their batteries and take care of themselves.
  • Your sacrifice does not go unnoticed. Our teachers give up their personal and family time to attend meetings, prepare lessons, and grade student work. Tell them their extra work means a lot to you. That compliment will mean a lot to them.

From now until the end of the school year, let us support our teachers by working together and cheering them on. Their work is important because it impacts our students and the future. We are one team…for our Sailors.

Your Proud Principal,

Rachel Card

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ACES (All Children Exercising Simultaneously) Day

Belle River will join many other Michigan schools to participate in ACES (All Children Exercising Simultaneously) Day on Wednesday, May 4th. This annual event was started in 1989 by physical education teacher, Len Saunders as a method of motivating children to exercise. It is a signature program of the Youth Fitness Coalition and part of National Physical Fitness and Sports Month. ACES is often called “the world’s largest exercise class” as it brings millions of children, parents and teachers together from all over the world to exercise simultaneously to promote health and fitness.
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No School for Students on May 12th

Due to the March 2nd snow day (originally scheduled as a half day of school for students in the morning and then a half day of professional development for teachers in the afternoon), the district needs to make up the 3 hours of teacher professional development as required by the Michigan Department of Education. Since May 12 was originally scheduled to be a half day in the same fashion, we are making it a FULL day of professional development for teachers. Thus, THERE WILL BE NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS ON MAY 12.
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Field Day Schedule for Friday, May 27th

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Field Day Picnic Lunch

Orders for PARENT/ADULT and SIBLING LUNCHES on Field Day, May 27th, will be sent home on May 9th. Join us for a Field Day Picnic! All students must remain at school for lunch. You are welcome to bring lunch from home or join us for a “hot diggity‐dog” picnic. All picnic lunches for guests must be ordered in advance. The menu includes: Hot dog, baked beans, baby carrots, potato chips, watermelon, lemonade, and milk. Watch for an order form coming home soon.

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Student Code of Conduct

Be Responsible

Be Respectful

Be Safe &

Be a Friend

Our Mission: Working Collaboratively to Ensure All Students Learn

Our Vision: Belle River is an inviting, caring school community that meets the needs of every 21st century learner, by using Best Practices to facilitate positive behavior support

and high expectations for lifelong learners.

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